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Cultural events[edit]


INmusic festival[edit]

Arctic Monkeys @INmusic

INmusic festival is Croatia's biggest international open-air festival. It was started in 2006 and is held every year in June in Zagreb. It takes place on Youth Island in the middle of Zagreb's Lake Jarun attracting young people from Croatia as well as the rest of the world. It includes number of stages with internationally renowned indie rock, heavy metal and electronica artists. Some of those artist are: Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Nick Cave, Lilly Allen, Arcade Fire, Moby, Billy Idol, Iggy and The Stooges... The festival lasts for two to three days and besides music programme offers its visitors accommodation in the fully equipped festival camp. INmusic festival has quite a reputation and has received worldwide acclaim, e. g. National Geographic Traveler listed INmusic among the three world's must-see music festivals and Huffington Post listed INmusic among the 10 must- visit world music festivals.


Spancirfest is a street festival that is held anually in Croatia's city of Varazdin. It begins at the end of August and lasts for ten days. During these days the city's inner circle is filled with concert stages and street performers from all over the world. The festival itself is made out of several smaller events like The Comedy festival, Children plays, concerts of classical music, Jazz festival, puppet plays, and includes performances from acrobats, jugglers, street musicians... The goal of the festival is that the visitors themselves become its active pariticipants, and from therefor the second name of the festival is The festival of good vibrations.

Cest is d'Best[edit]

Cest is d'Best is an international street festival during which the streets of downtown Zagreb are transformed into a world of street theatre and circus. For five days performers such as clowns, street musicians, acrobats, jugglers, fire eaters, mimers, and magicians from all over the world occupy every inch of the city. The festival was started in 1996 by a Croatian street band Kings of the Street with an aim of creating a festival that ¨preserves Zagreb’s identity, enlivens city streets and squares, bringing them back charm and optimism. It erases the borders between the established forms of culture and alternative culture, brings closer all generations of citizens through various cultural preferences because each and one of them can take part in the programme!¨[1].

Motovun Film Festival[edit]

Motovun Film Festival is an international film festival held anually in small Istrian town of Motovun. It was started in 1999 and usually takes place for five or six days in late July or early August. The festival is entirely dedicated to independent films and films made in small cinamatographies. It includes around 70 films from all around the world, from feature films to documentaries, from short films to long films, all that matters is that the film fits in the open-minded atmosphere of the festivale with its innovation. The films are screened outdoor in the evening and inside a theatre during the day. The main reward at the festival is called The Propeller of Motovun (inspired by the well known wind turbines located near Motovun). Some of the recepients include Billy Elliot, Last Resort, Bloody Sunday, Punch-Drunk Love, Fish Tank... Today the festival is widely recognized as one of the most imortant film festivals on the territory of former Yugoslavia.


Feira do Livro de Lisboa[edit]

Feira do Livro de Lisboa or Lisbon Book Fair is one of the oldest cultural festivals held in Lisbon. The festival was started in 1930s and is held anually every spring in the Eduardo VII Park and offers new realeases at lower prices, old and rare volumes, book signings, book launches, concerts of classical music, traditional music like fado as well as traditional music from other countries like Brasil. Most of the books are in Portuguese, but there are aslo many publications in English, German and Spanish.