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A course guide
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A course in the business and politics of sport[edit]

Course outline
Course topics
Chain reactions
Greater than the sum of the parts?
Open water
Individuals and sport
The use of sport as a political vehicle
The history of the paralympic movement in Australia
The corporate approach
The role of sport in communities
Football power and politics
Practice exam questions
Example essays
The Journal of Sport and Exercise Studies: Business, Politics and Sport 2011
Making Cheerleading an Official Sport
Sport Celebrity Endorsements
The Intersection of Politics and Business in Rugby Union
The changing landscape of Rugby League in Australia
The Introduction of Change to National Rugby League
Is Pole Dancing an Olympic Sport?
A Separate ‘Legal Doping’ Sport Competition
The Effect of Animal Cruelty Allegations in Sport
Dodgeball: A legitimate sport?
Sport Ethics Still an Issue
Hooliganism in Football
Feedback on BPS2011