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Lee Beaumont lives in Middletown Township, New Jersey, USA. After graduating from Council Rock High School I graduated with highest honors from Lehigh University earning a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering before receiving a Master’s Degree Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. I worked for Bell Laboratories and am retired from Lucent Technologies. I now consult on quality management and new product development

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Professional interests include software development, system analysis, new product development, quality management, and Internet content networking.

Personal interests include health, fitness, family, photography, and emotional competency.

"Contributing to Wikipedia is like raking leaves on a windy day, sometimes you get unexpected help and other times your work is blown away".

For more information please visit my Google profile.

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  • Hofmann, Markus; Leland R. Beaumont (2005). Content Networking: Architecture, Protocols, and Practice. Morgan Kaufmann Publisher. ISBN 1-55860-834-6
  • Beaumont, Leland (2002). ISO 9001, The Standard Interpretation (3rd Edition ed.). Simply Quality Publisher. ISBN 0-9636003-6-2
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