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I am Kevin and I am both a teacher and a student. I mean this both literally and metaphorically. Literally because I am employed as a part-time teacher of R.E. and Philosophy in a secondary state school, and in the rest of my time I am completing an MA in education at Roehampton University which should take me another year. On a more subtle level, I am both a teacher and a student because I see myself as a participant in the learning process even during my teaching, thus I cannot be one without the other.

I have just registered here on Wikiversity and so will have to explore the range of ways and possibilities to contribute and utilise the resources. I am interested in participating because it seems to put into practice what I consider to be my philosophy of education and of learning: that it needs to be collaborative, participatory, experiential, not just from the bottom-up but also inside-outside.

My current research in education is on the relationship between processes of direct democracy and self-directed learning, and on the the use of 'Philosophy for Children' methods to stimulate high-order thinking, discussion and reflection in the classroom.