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ONE DAY WHEN MY GIRLS ARE OLDER I HOPE THEY WILL READ THIS (I hope it will help to make sense of what occurred in there childhood)

This is going to be my emotions, my sorrows, my feeling, about my three children my most beloved little girls in my world. I will be saying "my" a lot because I miss them so much it hurts it hurts more than any other pain or emotion I have ever felt. I lost them four years ago at first I couldn't look at another child without bursting into tears as time past I managed to control my emotions on most occasions but it was/is hard even to this day.

I blame a lot of people for the way I got to this place in my life, I blame my self, I blame the social work services I blame the system they work by, I blame the case workers that were involved. There are others and as I go on writing this I will name them all.

Lets start at the beginning of the darkness that befell my family. I was married to my wife and we had four children I was in full time employment the children were happy so what went wrong? Well I could blame them, this, or that, but I wont, I will tell of the things that destroyed our world and the reasons behind there actions. We lived in a beautiful house in a quite neighborhood the house was bought for just under £200,000 we had four bedrooms a conservatory front and back garden We would hire a huge bouncy castle for birthdays with all there friends invited.

What matters most to me is that my children don't feel like they were abandoned and to be honest I fight to justufie my actions almost daily.

At the start of all the intrusions/help from the social services