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Who is Keibr? I am an educator, living in Sweden though I grew up in England. I work with flexible learning and the non-formal educational sector (folkbildning)and have been involved with distance and flexible learning since the mid 80's. The use of the Internet for educational purposes, and more recently the use of the read/write web (web 2.0) is a particular interest of mine. I call myself an "educator" because I was a teacher for many years and worked in several different educational sectors, but now I have become a administrator and teacher trainer, working with the practical, rather than the theoretical, aspects of flexible learning.

In my free time I enjoy the outdoors, kayaking, skiing, and walking in the forest which is just outside my house. I read a lot, take a lot of [photographs] and enjoy watching and talking about films. TV doesn't play a very large role in my life!

My work also leaks through into my free time because the Internet is so interesting and there is so much to learn. Personally I think it very important for a teacher or educator to keep learning! I guess the fact that I'm writing this is a good example of my work and leisure being rather mixed.