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This page is for experiments with wiki markup. Some of these explorations may become useful components (or templates) for use on Wikiversity and other Mediawiki based projects such as WikiEducator.

Page and Section Layout Templates[edit]

Portal Header[edit]

{{Portal_Header}} - this will list several portals

Portal Templates[edit]


I needed a portal framework similar to the one on Wikipedia for Free Software. So, I implemented an almost identical equivalent on Wikiversity:

A variation has been set up which I use in this project:

Login Link[edit]

After several failed experiments ... success (thanks to SB Johnny):


 <span class="plainlinks">

(note the extra 'E' in 'FULLPAGENAMEE').

Result: Login


Multilingual Pages[edit]



Category Tree[edit]

no subcategories

Add a section[edit]

Template:Test Preload

Wikipedia Search[edit]

Wikipedia-logo.png Search for Social sciences on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia search on a term such as "Social sciences".

Alija Hamiti Born in Gjilan Kosovo it is taken with Karate is a champion of many fold since the child but later began to Kikbox But She has achieved many successes in karate after and kikbox. It now begins with Fubtoll this year which is an achievement so much for them and now plays for Albania is also in the women's national team football in Albania and Albania team plays in the defensive position it plays swing arm and right hand


A page/template as an object (holding the data about something, e.g. a learning activity), with sub-page "method" templates to display it:

Text View[edit]

The name is stone , the id is 3 , the weight is 10

(why new line and space to indent?) and the Volume is 11
(why a new line?).

I could have done this:

Property, Value

Name, stone

id, 3

colour, red


Volume, 11

Table View[edit]

Enough to show that there is potential:

Property Value
Name stone
id 3
Weight 10
Volume 11





Incorporating Text from another page[edit]

Test incorporation of this text into another page.
This text is in Template:Social Entrepreneurship Tasks
  • action a
  • action b
  • etc.


Check whether a parameter has been specified:

Template "/Animals/" with a name and attribute:

mouse size:

A mouse is small

elephant _:

What elephant attribute?

frog _

Unknown animal - frog

frog size:

Unknown animal - frog

frog weight:

Unknown animal - frog

_ size:

size of what?

_ _:

Unspecified attribute for unspecified animal.

mouse weight:

For a mouse I can only tell you size

Mind Maps - Freemind[edit]


- apparently, the required extension is not installed.


Aim: mouseover text (alt'?) to be different from caption:

Alt Text
My Caption
mouseover image text