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Assign Task4[edit]

Determine the failing force of Spaghetti and Linguine.

Week4 Activities[edit]

Week4 Narrative[edit]

This week I worked on finding the force a noodle could withstand in relation to its length. This could be used to make stronger noodle bridges and help understand torque force.
My experiment goes as follows:

  1. Accurately measure and cut one spaghetti and linguine noodle to 23cm, 15cm, 7cm.
  2. Line up 5-8 noodles with the measured noodle. Then quickly cut through them all with authority until you have a large, even, number of them. As seen in Figure1.
  3. Then mark each test piece 1cm away from the bottom.
  4. To test torque and compression strengths I first zeroed my food scale when it read less than zero. I then held each piece by the 1cm mark. After that I applied force as slow as possible into a food scale (set to grams) through the noodle until it snapped and recorded that force. As seen in Torque vs. Compression.


Data analysis: While my data was useful after the experiment I learned a few things I could have done better. One, I should have remembered that T = f*cosθ. While I was calculating the force, my experiment did not factor in the angle measure at the point of failure. Also, if I would have used a bigger test sample my numbers would be more accurate and less dependent on individual condition of each noodle. One thing I noticed after doing the experiment over and over again is that each noddle is different. The noodles that failed easier than the average often had a defect or were slightly thinner and vise versa. One thing I learned from This experiment is that the force required to bend the noodle is very close to its point of failure. I noticed this because doing one of my tests I repeatedly bounced the noodle on the scale and the force did not change. Then bending it just slightly more broke it and the force would only increase by a gram or two.

Week4 Peer Review[edit]

Go to each team mates weekly summary wiki page. Read their activities and narrative. Then go the associated discussion page. Say something positive on this page. Try some constructive criticism. Add your name and a signature ~~~~ by entering four tildes in a row to create a time and date stamp. Create a new category if another team mate has already commented here.