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Hi, I am a topologist and I will try to pour some of my little knowledge to grow this enterprice...and yes, I am the same as in the wikiversity in spanish.


  • [1] in the Sociedad Matemática Mexicana
  • [2] in the Revista Colombiana de Matemáticas
  • [3] some recent advances on the subjet in spanish (please push entrar como invitado to enter)
wild knot dubbed Alexander horned sphere



i'm working in the ends of a space concept and here [4], i'm learning by doing, don't mattering to me if i make mistakes or errors... in spanish is in [5] ... dare to interact!

Rubik cube.png

I just had learned to solve the Rubik's puzzle and... i firmly believe that this serves to makes u more clever in your 3d intuitions, What do u think?

  • I like to wander around my webplaces...

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