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Possible research questions[edit]

  1. What are the effects of green exercise on mood? What is role of cognitive attention in understanding the psychological effects of green exercise?
  2. What do people do barefoot? Why or why not? What are the effects?
  3. How do people share and reciprocate? How can pro-social behaviour be encouraged? Why might altruistic group members be rejected?
  4. What are the psychological effects of viewing different types of natural and unnatural imagery? (Replication and extension of Ulrich (1979) using the internet and free and online images)
  5. Growth through adversity
    1. How is it possible for humans to grow through trauma (post-traumatic growth)?
    2. How can stress inoculation be used to develop psychological resilience?
    3. What are the effects of different types of coping skills on post-traumatic growth and psychological resilience?

Ulrich, R. S. (1979). Visual landscapes and psychological well-being. Landscape Research, 4(1), 17-23.