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Broad topics
  1. Open academia - Academics' motivations, attitudes and behaviours towards openness of access, licensing, formats for research, teaching and service
  2. Open academic practice and Excellence in Research Australia - Review of ERA discipline journal list with regard to openness criteria with approx. 6 other UC academics
  3. Outdoor education - Theory, processes and outcomes including life effectiveness, health and well-being (Health and well-being impacts of Outward Bound 9-day expedition programs with adolescents)
  4. Green exercise - What are the stress and mood effects of green exercise? To what extent are these effects attributable to individual psychological-, activity-, or environment-related variables?
  5. Psychology of nature scenes - What are the mood effects of digitally presented natural vs. urban scenes?
  6. Psychology of online social networking - What motivates engagement in OSN behaviour? What are the associated thoughts and feelings about OSN behaviour?
Specific topics
  1. Life effectiveness and outdoor education
  2. Flexible delivery methods and achievement of learning outcomes in psychology
  3. Openness of ERA psychology journal review – data collection for A* journals
  4. Life effectiveness questionnaire article from PhD – revise & send off MS to most appropriate open journal
  5. Green exercise journal article with 2010 Hons student – revise draft & return to coauthor
  6. Outdoor education journal article with 2010 Hons student – organise data entry for new data
  7. Collaboration, open research and the commons
  8. Coping effectiveness
  9. Internationalisation of curriculum - ALTC IaH research projects
  10. Internationalisation of online learning resources
  11. Mess and neatness

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