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Title: Some recent research: Outdoor education's health impact, green exercise, and viewing of natural images

Conference: 17th National Outdoor Education Conference, 16-18 Jan, 2012, University of Canberra, Australia

Presenters: James Neill, Graham Mackay, Wendy Hughes, Brent Holgate, and Nicole Rytir University of Canberra

Bio: James is an Assistant Professor in the Centre for Applied Psychology at the University of Canberra, Graham, Wendy, and Brent were 4th year Honours students at the time of these studies

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Abstract: This session will overview and discuss four recent Honours in Psychology student theses (2008-2011) which focus on outdoor education's impact on health indicators (such as exercise and diet) (Hughes, 2010), naturalness as a predictor of green exercise effects on mood, anxiety and stress (Mackay, 2008; Holgate, 2010), and the psychological effect of viewing of digitally-presented natural and artificial images (Rytir, 2011). These studies were supervised by James Neill who will chair short presentations and discussion about each study, with an emphasis on the relevance of these studies to outdoor education.

Session type: Seminar

Space and equipment type: Tutorial room or lecture theatre, data projector

Optimum number of participants: any (min. 5 - up to room size)

Optimum duration: 90 minutes (min. 60 - max. 120)