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These notes were early ideas for planning an initial draft, but the final structure and content was substantially different.


The underlying pedagogic and andragogic principles of schools and universities are to make knowledge and learning available to human society. But when access to learning opportunities and materials is restricted and paywalled, education becomes a product for commercial enterprise rather than an emancipatory exercise. This presents a philosophical dilemma for teachers - to "go with the cultural norm" and participate in a restricted education - or "go against the flow" and adopt open educational practices.

What is OER?[edit]

Why should psychology use OERs?[edit]

Psychology OERs[edit]

Psychology OER on Wikimedia Foundation sister projects[edit]

Using, improving, and creating[edit]



At least some of the following questions will be embedded during the presentations:

  1. What is an OER?
  2. What are the main features of OERs that distinguish them from proprietary materials?
  3. To what extent does your teaching use open vs. proprietary materials?
  4. What are the benefits of using OER?
  5. What are the barriers to using OER?
  6. How can use of OERs improve teaching practice in psychology?
  7. How can we start using OERs or progress towards better use of OERs?

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