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Title: Developing free and open source resources

Conference: TBA

Presenters: Leigh Blackall, James Neill, University of Canberra

Bio: James and Leigh share a passion for free and open sharing of resources. They are Assistant Professors in the Faculty of Health at the University of Canberra

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Abstract: Rapid developments in the internet have facilitated new ways of collaborative knowledge-development and sharing. Fields which contribute to the knowledge commons tend to gain much from the knowledge commons. This presentation and computer lab workshop will teach participants where and how to locate free and open resources, including text, images, and multimedia, as well as how to contribute and share free and open source resources with others and the world. This will include discussion of copyright and creative commons.

Session type: Workshop

Space and equipment type: Computer lab with data projector

Optimum number of participants: 15 (min. 15 - max. 25)

Optimum duration: 90-120 minutes