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Title: Developing free and open source outdoor education resources

Conference: 17th National Outdoor Education Conference, 16-18 Jan, 2012, University of Canberra, Australia

Presenters: Leigh Blackall, James Neill, University of Canberra

Bio: James and Leigh share a passion for the outdoors and for free and open sharing of resources. They are Assistant Professors in the Faculty of Health at the University of Canberra

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Abstract: The internet has empowered cultures of collaborative knowledge-development and offers opportunities for outdoor educators to reinvigorate and enhance experiential learning within their programs. People openly sharing information, collaboratively developing programs, and documenting their work and experiences, have amassed a large quantity of information and resources that are useful to the outdoor educator and people learning through outdoor experiences. This presentation will follow the path of an outdoor educator planning and developing an outdoor experiential learning program, based on principles of self-sufficiency, simplicity, experiential comprehensiveness, and ethical principles of freedom and openness. Watch as your presenters draw from this vast pool of knowledge and learning, and contribute back to it. Topics include creating and maintaining equipment, documenting area and trip information, using multimedia, and other innovative ideas for free and open experiential learning in the outdoors.

Session type: Theory-based, indoor

Space and equipment type: Tutorial room with data projector or Lecture theatre

Optimum number of participants: any (up to room size)

Optimum duration: 60 minutes (min. 45 - max. 90)