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This is a list of some current and recent presentations, including lectures, conference presentations, and guest presentations.

I am trying to develop better ways of recording and sharing presentations in a free and open way.


  1. Adventure therapy: What does it offer? - 2nd Singapore Outdoor Education Conference, July 5-6, 2019
  2. Open education in psychology - AUSPLAT, September 13-15, 2019
  3. Paediatric camps to support recovery and well-being of young people with burn injuries in Queensland - August, 2019


  1. Life effectiveness and outdoor education: Theory, research, and applications - 8th International Outdoor Education Research Conference, University of Sunshine Coast, Nov 19-23, 2018


  1. Neill, J. T. (2015). More complex summary statistics: Effect sizes. Presentation to the Statistics Networking Day, 6 August, 2015, University of Canberra, Australia.


  1. Going open (education): What, why, how
  2. How and why to edit Wikipedia


  1. Openness and flexibility: How open education can facilitate flexible learning
  2. Higher education and the social ecology of Wikimedia sister projects
  3. Wikimedia and Open Academia (in development)
  4. Developing free and open source resources (not presented)
  5. Program evaluation in adventure therapy


  1. Some recent outdoor education research (NOEC17)
  2. Developing free and open source outdoor education resources (NOEC17)
  3. Outdoor therapy as mental health intervention (NOEC17)


  1. How going open with Moodle can save staff time
  2. Recent Changes Camp
  3. Survey design workshop
  4. Open academia: Principles and practices (not presented)


  1. Open education and research at the University of Canberra
  2. Open education with Moodle and Wikiversity
  3. Going naked - Openism and freedom in academia
  4. Open academia: A philosophy of open practice


  1. Survey design: Introduction and overview, 27 August, 2009
  2. Flexible learning - Getting ready, 11 September, 2009
  3. Psychology 102/Lectures, July-October, 2009
  4. Social psychology (psychology)/Evaluation/Presentation, 3 December, 2009


  1. Online surveys workshop


Semester 2
  1. Advanced ANOVA
  2. Social psychology lectures
  3. Concept mapping workshop
  4. Introduction to social psychology (W14) - 1st year psychology


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