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Research and research training[edit]


  • Borderline (Needs Improvement)
Rating comment

Borderline (Needs Improvement) because minimum expectations were not met for:

  • Income
    • At least $100,000 of HERDC reportable research income was not obtained over the past 3 years.
    • Viable plan needs to be developed.
    • A Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) could be considered.
  • HDR supervision
    • Induction not completed
    • Supervisor development activities are needed in order to be considered inducted.

All other Research and Research Training expectations were met.


  • At least 3 publications in indexed journal outlets (indexed in TR WoK or Scopus) in the last 3 years.


  1. Bowen, D. J. & Neill, J. T. (2016). Effects of the PCYC Catalyst outdoor adventure intervention program on youths' life skills, mental health, and delinquent behaviour. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 21(1), 34-55. doi: 10.1080/02673843.2015.1027716. Retrieved from
  2. Bowen, D. J., Neill, J. T., & Crisp. S. J. R. (2016). Wilderness Adventure Therapy effects on the mental health of youth participants. Evaluation and Program Planning, 58, 49-59. Retrieved from
  3. Bowen, D. J. & Neill, J. T. (2013). A meta-analysis of adventure therapy outcomes and moderators. The Open Psychology Journal, 6, 28-53. doi: 10.2174/1874350120130802001. Retrieved from
  4. Overall research impact, based on Google Scholar,
    • h-index:
      • 23 (overall)
      • 18 (since 2011)
    • i-10-index:
      • 34 (overall)
      • 25 (since 2011)
    • Citations
      • 2708 (overall)
      • 1322 (since 2011)


Award of HERDC reportable research income of at least $100,000 over the past 3 years. Evidence of a viable plan to be competitive for Cat 1 income (at least as part of a team) by at least years 3-4 of employment at UC.

Note: It is noted that different FoRs will have varied opportunities to attract research funding and the ERA national data showing average income per annum per FTE for different FoRs should be used to guide PDR discussions.

Not satisfied.

Viable plan needs to be developed.

Grants applied for:

  • Faculty of Health Research Support Grant
    • Kosari, S., Thomas, J. Naumovski, N., Mellor, D., McKUNE, A., & Neill, J. T. (2016). "Laughter yoga therapy, an alternative psychosocial intervention for the management of chronic pain in patients with osteoarthritis: A proof of concept pilot study " ($5,000).
    • Feedback received: "Thanks for your application. We were over-whelmed with applications this year and consequently I decided to limit it to one application per Discipline. On this occasion I have nominated another member of your Discipline." (Dean, FoH)

HDR supervision[edit]

  • Completion of the supervisor induction program and registration as a supervisor.
  • Active membership of the supervisory panel for at least 2 HDR students over the past 3 years.


  1. Registered.
  2. Induction not completed. Supervisor development activity is needed. According to the UC Researcher Development Program Manager: "there is no note of participation in induction, so if you do some activity (you do so many) that can count as supervisor development I would be happy to add it in… You can also do some of the activities on Moodle"
  3. Completed primary supervision of my 1st PhD candidate, Daniel Bowen (2012 - 2016), "Adventure therapy: Treatment effectiveness and applications with Australian Youth" -
  4. Active member of supervisory panel for Lucetta Thomas (2015 - current), "An exploration into the psychotherapeutic needs of males who have been sexually abused by their biological mother" - incomplete
  5. Active member of supervisory panel for Alison Sit (2012 - 2015), "Does cross-cultural training in tertiary education enhance cross-cultural adjustment? A systematic review?" - not completed; changed course to Master of Clinical Psychology
  6. Active external member of supervisory panel for Tony Keeble (2016 - current), "Building social capital through the delivery of education at Victorian state government schools", Federation University

HDR completions[edit]

On time completion of at least 70% of the supervised load over the past 3 years.


  1. 100% on-time completion (1/1 - Daniel Bowen completed 2012-2016, with extension)