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Professional development plan[edit]

"Fundamental to the University achieving its strategic objectives will be the ongoing development of its staff."

Staff are encouraged to create Development Plans that allows them to achieve and maintain high quality expertise, awareness and overall performance.

Your Development Plans should highlight how you will endeavor to achieve a desired role/level of performance and/or maintain a high level of relevance and expertise in accordance with the PEAS.

To achieve your desired objectives, it is highly recommended that you discuss your personal goals and ambitions with your Supervisor so you can develop a plan that enables growth and sustainability.

You will need to create a Development Plan for the coming year and for your 3-5 year career aspirations.

3-5 year career aspirations[edit]

  1. To become an Associate Professor in Psychology.
  2. To become an internationally-recognised expert in psychological aspects of outdoor education and adventure therapy theory and research and to embed this expertise within a broader understanding of psychological change process via experience-based intervention.
  3. To provide world-class flexible learning based on open educational resources in the field of psychology and to inspire, lead and support others to develop and share knowledge in maximally open and flexible ways.

Development goals for the coming year[edit]

  1. Education
    1. Handover 769AA Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology to a new Course Convener and teaching team at the beginning of 2017 and continue to support in such a way that the new CC's and team's chances of success are maximised.
    2. In conjunction with the MCP Course Convener and MCP team, as Unit Convener, improve the quality, efficiency, and consistency of the 4 Master of Clinical Psychology research units. Where appropriate, the research project processes, policies, procedures etc. should be aligned with those used in the 4th year 7366 Honours Thesis in Psychology unit.
    3. Maintain the quality of the UG psychology units 7124/6665 Motivation and Emotion / G and Survey Research and Design in Psychology PG and improve the units/teaching with respect the main themes emerging from the previous year's student feedback.
  2. Research and Research Training:
    1. Improve research publication record by publishing at least:
      1. 1 first authored article
      2. 2 articles co-authored with Honours/MCP/PhD students
    2. Improve research income funding by:
      1. Developing a viable strategic plan (a Performance Improvement Plan may be appropriate)
      2. Apply to at least one new Cat 1 to 4 research income funding source.
      3. Using surplus funds from previous research consulting projects to support development of future research income applications
    3. HDR supervision
      1. Complete sufficient supervisor development activities in order to be inducted.
  3. Service and Engagement:
    1. Continue active internal and external engagement with UC, academic community, and industry and society via formal and informal roles in the discipline, faculty, university, and externally.
  4. Leadership:
    1. Take on (or at least apply to take on) at least one new formal leadership role within or outside UC
    2. Serve in at least two informal leadership roles within (or outside) of the psychology discipline