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The "Student-authored open textbooks as learning and assessment exercises" project will support development, description, evaluation and dissemination of an underlying pedagogy and methodology. More specifically, the proposed project will undertake to:

# Progress Title Description
01 3von10.png Motivation and emotion student-authored textbook Conduct an online textbook assessment project (as part of 7124-6665 Motivation and Emotion, Semester 2, 2010), including training students in wiki and multimedia skills, intellectual property and open licensing, step-by-step guidance for student authoring of chapters, staff and peer feedback on plans and draft chapters, student recording of 5 min. multimedia summaries of the chapters, marking and feedback of the chapters and multimedia, collation of the final electronic book and online multimedia showcase, and printing and distributing of the books.
02 0von10.png Student experience evaluation study Conduct an evaluation study of students’ experience of the textbook chapter and multimedia authoring exercise via analysis of e-portfolio comments and survey-based data.
03 0von10.png Peer-review of project Seek and collate peer-feedback about the textbook chapter project from Reference group (Amanda George and Navjot Bhullar (Psychology), other faculty academic staff involved in related assessment exercises (e.g., Leigh Blackall, Ben Rattray, and/or Robin McConnell), other interested faculty staff and others involved or interested in the textbook-authoring exercise.
04 0von10.png Author a paper for publication Write a paper for publication about open academic teaching pedagogy and the online textbook authoring exercise and/or present at a related higher education conference.
05 0von10.png Develop generic guidelines Develop generic guidelines and suggestions about how to utilise an online textbook authoring assessment exercise.
06 0von10.png Staff development workshop Develop a hands-on workshop about how student-authored open textbooks can be used as a learning and assessment exercise.
07 0von10.png Assessment futures summary Contribute a summary of the project to the Assessment Futures website.
08 0von10.png Investigate further grant funding Investigate potential external grant funding (e.g., ALTC) for further developing and supporting student- and staff-authored open source textbooks.
09 0von10.png Symposium Organization and involvement in the hothouse symposium. [This is a shared ITaLL task]
10 0von10.png Dissemination 1 major or 2 minor dissemination pieces.

Examples: A minor piece – a workshop, a seminar. A major piece – A peer reviewed publication. [This is an individual task]

11 0von10.png Journal Weekly journal or blog entries on hothouse project. [This is an individual task]
12 0von10.png Model Documentation of a teaching model. [This is a shared task between TLC and the individual]

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