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Seeking copyright clarification and licensing terms compatible with WMF[edit]

Hi *,

Thanks for discussing the licensing terms of *.

The * project involves contributing and developing intellectual property about * into the knowledge commons. This project utilises the Wikimedia Foundation's servers and wiki software.

The project is currently located at:

We are seeking clarification of the copyright owner and licensing for the * resource. More specifically, we are seeking to determine whether the materials are compatible with the license requirements for material contributed to the Wikimedia Foundation wikis which are described here:

Where a user contributes content to the Wikimedia Foundation to which s/he doesn't own the copyright, then s/he needs to indicate that permission has been received from the copyright owner to upload the content under a compatible license. A standard form for indicating permission can be found here:

A list of Wikimedia Foundation compatible licenses can be found here: For example, includes licenses which are consistent with the framework.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss further.

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