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If you're looking for "my blog", it might be helpful to know that you'll find most of what I do on wikis (esp. Wikiversity (my contributions) and ucspace), via microblog (esp. twitter), and via tagging (esp.

Whilst at University of Canberra, however, I also use the following corporate blogging systems:

I've also started wiki-blogging right here - a wiki blog means that you can and should edit and improve, reply, whatever - I'm open Smiley.svg:

The long tail of change at the University of Canberra[edit]

We discussed at University of Canberra @ a Learning Environments Advisory Group) (#LEAG) meeting a bit today about the wide variation in teaching staff capabilities and motivations towards pedagogical uses of technology. Many interesting possibilities were discussed (e.g., teaching learning commons spaces, Moodle 1 year on, Echo360 trial, flexible learning hothouse proposal, and the possibility of an open access initiative). However, wandering out of such meetings and back along the corridors and into the trenches, I have to remind myself to lower my sights to see the numerous staff around me using IE6 on creakingly slow desktop computers - yes, I have to look twice just to believe it, but its true, by institutional and personal choice (they'd still be using WebCT too if it wasn't for the Blackboard takeover which forced our hand to Moodle). So, talking about the 21st century, open "networked learning on mobile devices", and bothering to make hyperlinks to information ... must appear as a very strange and far-away concept. Is there a twist in the tail? Or is it just going to get longer and longer?

Learning management systems vs. social network systems