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About me

Josh Lobel
Vancouver, Canada
Currently at Vancouver Film School.

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Basic Filmmaking (Pre-production) Course

Official student status:
I am a basic filmmaking student at Wikiversity Film School beginning June 2008

Basic filmmaking student: JoshLobel
Completed assignment - Script formatting

June 11, 2008 -- JoshLobel has formatted the script with Final Draft. You can download it at Media:JoshLobel - Seduced by the Dark Side.pdf. This is a simple version of the scene. Where is the scene number?

Completed assignment - Pop Quiz
SBTDS Storyboard Shot 21.png
SBTDS Storyboard Shot 22.png

June 15, 2008 -- JoshLobel says,

Question #1
My first frame of the movie would be 21 because immediately establishes the setting - we know we have two characters at night, outside of a movie theater.

Question #2
My second frame would be 22 because it creates the contrast of one character being younger and the other older while showing that they are looking at a movie poster.

Completed assignment - Creating an over-the-shoulder shot

June 15, 2008 -- JoshLobel has created a wide angle over-the-shoulder shot and a telephoto over-the-shoulder shot.

Here are the original shots.
Joshlobel tele OTS.jpg
Joshlobel wide OTS.jpg
Wide Angle shot
Here are possible corrections.
Joshlobel Tele correction.jpg
Joshlobel Wide correction.jpg
Wide Angle shot