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Hi all,

the below links include both my prezi powerpoint and also the recordings you will need to follow for the presentation.

I would advise opening the prezi presentation in a different page as you will need to click on the individual audios for each topic.

Please use the arrows down the bottom right hand of the screen to scroll through the presentation/ or bottom-middle of the webpage.

The audios are listed below linked below to my page at


Prezi Powerpoint

Presentation Recording

Presentation and Recordings
Author Jono Teeny Stone
Word count n/a
Copyright YesY
Referencing YesY
Structure YesY
Overall rating 4.5/5
Closing comments Good stuff Jono. I like the whole prezi powerpoint idea. It's much more interesting than a normal powerpoint RB2011 10:35, 2 November 2011 (UTC)