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Other writing[edit]

These articles will be moved to my main user page as they become relevant

Oligarchy: What we learned in the Empathy Group

Might was well bring it up... Wiki ML

Happy New Year

Google Docs: No privacy, No free speech

Photographs at Brazen Betty's

Zwik's Defiance: "Nazi, Soviet, Zionist, same thin...

The Art Roots

Who killed Christ ?? Newsflash !!

Open letter to L4 developers

No virtue in virtualization: VMWare, Qemu, Virtual...

Why Obama-nomics will ultimately fail most America...

Ideas for Codezero native L4 Implemen...

Open Letters to Perl and Linux

Remembering Krishna


Obama's Environmentalism Embraces Destruction

Notes from emails from Gernot Heiser about L4 an...

Why Linux is Failing? It isn't, look at this grap...

Spiritual Darwinism :: Scientific Buddhism

Bubble 2 dot Oh

Pure Insanity: The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act...

The (Negative) Flip-side of Knowledge Construction...

Thought Linking and Resulting Language Technologie...

Learning to Learn the "New Way"

Beyond the Discussion Thread

Why We Need Linux

Linking Constructs in the Information Society: Pus...

The Katrina Hurricane About the Care2 Discussion F...

Mystery Over the Road

Carl Rogers and Humanistic Healing

Einstein and Linux

Meshing, A Free Networking Matrix

Techological Sharing, The MP3 Rebellion

Short History of the Information Society

The Natural Life of a Networked Machine

Rattlesnake Rebellion: Recent notes-This writing was part of an email to Ellen Brown, author of Web of Debt

History of hunting for animal lovers and social activists-Hunting relates to us today: our nation

Objective reality is a misnomer; it is not Science-The first thing I want to know about a s

Not Zionist Fairy Tales: Deconstructing Engelmayer's rationale-Jews have played a central role to my wa

Empathic Model in response to torture-This writing is inspired by Stephen Sold

Oligarchy today: The top-down structure-Didactic is a familiar synonym for top-d

Libertarian Hate in Our Present Post-Apartheid Period-This is about conflict on the Wikipedia,

US Break-up into culturally-based regions-Time to break up the US into 6 or 7 geog

Humans tend to anthropomorphism with respect to the inhumane-A friend of mine wrote me this: "The peo

Reason Vs Sense: The calculated destruction of naturally open thought-This is about my recent journey into the

American contagion: photos and thoughts on my return from Canada-It is difficult to visit another nation,

Capital Structure Cheat Sheet -- 2nd Draft-This is the second milestone for this do

Capital Structure Cheat Sheet-This is a work in progress to de-mystify

My Tea Party Reaction: Legalize homicide-This is my craziest piece yet; it extend

Who killed Christ ?? Newsflash !!-According to the Gospel of Judas, a genu

Housing and education: a economic relationship-This is a reality check: There is a r

Obama's America: Still Hemorrhaging-Obama is an obvious -improvement over Bus

Yetta Kurland, NYC Candidate for City Council, A Photo Tour-Yetta Kurland is a refreshing and highly

Defining "Foreignism"-Bias, without question, is the social ma

All Out War-Please note that this article is a "what

Why Obama-nomics will ultimately fail-American decline is simple: complete rel

Rattlesnake Manifesto, a fundamental appeal-I crafted this manifesto when, as a truc

Americans kill, so what is the kindest way to kill?-The death penalty is with us to stay bec

Hyper-DE-flation makes sense-An open letter to Ellen Brown, who wrote

Saying Good-bye to Krishna-Krishna was bigger than life, certainly

Lies of the Times: Obama needs to fulfill his promise-With the horrendous decline of Republica

The New "Spys" are not James Bond types-With Obama's impending offensive into Af

Anatomy of a Hack-Hack means kludge, hacks hack software t

Israeli posturing?-I believe that the apparent Israeli disg

American Break-Up: 1) Ending the CIA-The greatest rationalization for the bre

Role of feminism in destruction-Liberalness on OEN is not the Liberalnes

AARP Retirees: Winners now whining-America's retirees represented by the AA

The End of the Age of the Predator-We are in a new age. I just got back fr

OpEdNews Writers Discussion Group on Care2-Care2 has been pretty good to me; I had

Op Ed News on Care2: Discussions-Op Ed News is on Care2 with a discussion

Gaza peace rally in New York City, on January 3rd, 2009-There was a Gaza peace rally in New York

Inflation Key to the Recession Cycle-Inflation is the other half of recession

Empathic Is The Way.........?-Empathy has broad meaning, and everyone

My Empathy Monodiet-I see everything in terms of the neurons