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Joachim Grzega[edit]

Joachim Grzega

born on 9 September 1971 in Weißenburg (Germany)

Associate Professor at the University of Eichstätt (Germany)

  • 1991-1998 studies at the universities of Eichstätt, Salt Lake City, Paris-Sorbonne, Graz
  • 2000 Dr.phil. (Ph.D.) in Romance, English and German Linguistics
  • 2004 habil.diss. in English and General Linguistics
  • interim professorships at the universities of Münster, Bayreuth, Erfurt, Freiburg (Germany)

Author of 10 books (including Hello World! for teaching English as a global language at primary schools; Tickets to Basic Global English - Englisch in 111 Tagen for self-teaching English; How to Become the Perfect Intercultural Professor: Tricks and Bricks for Intercultural Academic Teaching in English (or Other Languages)) and several dozen articles

Editor of the internet journals Onomasiology Online and Journal for EuroLinguistiX

Founder of the Academy for SocioEconomic Linguistics (ASEcoLi)

Internet Projects[edit]

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Research Interests[edit]

  • eurolinguistics
  • onomasiology
  • public-oriented linguistics/practical linguistics, linguistics for the public
  • intelligible linguistics
  • linguistic economics/socioeconomic linguistics, linguistics and knowledge society (basic article)
  • Austrian German
  • language contacts
  • intercultural communication
  • teaching English as an international language (Basic Global English)
  • didactic issues at university (especially Learning by teaching -- cf. my English article)

Current projects[edit]

Working for Wikipedia[edit]

Cf. my Wikipedia user profile.