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Hi people,

My name is Juha, but I am know also as JJ. I work as a new media lecturer in University of applied sciences in Joensuu, Finland.

I am interested in contributing to free gaming environments. Over the years I have concept designed some board games, computer strategy games and role playing adventures. I have also some skills of in game graphic design and coding in script languages (Lingo, ActionScript, JavaScript).

A few examples of my icons:

  • Bloodwars-icons [1](Amiga game from the early 90', Imade all the graphics)
  • FUMBBL-icons [2] (partly openly developed Java-version of the Bloodbowl board game by Games Workshop)

My goal is to search for a game that is constructive in nature. A game that creates something new. No killing, no exploiting, no colonialism, no power mongering!

What kind of a game could it be?

Note, that part of the reason for my current strives is my past work done with different war and strategy games, which I have grown tired of.