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Hi, my name's Franco Ludwig Lucien. I'm native French, born in Sartrouville, Ile-de-France and live in the states. In light of having been practically raised in the US, I speak fluent English--it's second nature. I am learning German, Dutch and Italian at this moment, and hope to someday soon visit Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy. I also take an interest in the Jersey language, because I think it's pretty interesting.

I take interest mostly in the French Department, and spend sometime there. I have recently became part of the French Mentoring Project, thus have consequently dedicated some time aside for that purpose. I've also introduced the Department of Haitian History, which is currently under construction. There, I hope to share my knowlege of that subject with anyone who is an interested learner. If you are knowledged in this same field, you contributions are welcomed.

If you need to contact me please email me for faster response. Otherwise leave me a response on my talk page

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