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Vocabulary learning activity design[edit]

The content of this page is an assignment for Alicia Peña in the course on Language and Cognition, coordinated by Clara Molina.

The next exercises have been designed for students of ESL who did not learn yet the high frequency words of English language. As Paul Nation suggests, I will use a direct teaching approach to increase the vocabulary size of high frequency words.

The words have been chosen from a high frequency wordlist of a dump on Project Gutenberg.


Wikiversity quizzes for high frequency words of English language


A1 or A2 (According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

General Objective[edit]

The growth of high frequency vocabulary size, which is essential for language comprehension.

Specific Objective[edit]

  • The leaner has to identify which one from a group of words does not belong to the same word class. The groups may be based on semantic or morphological features.


  • Word composition. The learner will have to identify morphological constructions which are typical for word formation.


  • The learner will use the Wikiversity quiz system for getting the answers to the exercise. If he does not know too many words, the learner may follow the links to the Simple English wiktionary from each word.

Exercise a[edit]

Exercise b[edit]

slowly - generally - suddenly - probably - especially - quickly - family - really - nearly - certainly


Which one of the previous words do not belong to the same group?


  • If you want to know more about the words of this exercise; please, read this chapter of the English Wikibook.


Ballesteros Martín, Nieto Díez, F. & F. (2005). Programación de unidades didácticas de la Lengua Inglesa. Madrid: Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Nation, P. (1993).Vocabulary Size, Growth and Use. The Bilingual Lexicon. 115-134.