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Most of the stuff that I was developing here, I have moved to the Effective Education wiki. As more stuff is developed there, I plan to freely move back the progress that is made there back to Wikiversity and Wikibooks. For the time being, developing these ideas on their own site gives more flexibility and allows for more creation.

WikiMedia Articles, Projects, Etc I'm Contributing too[edit]

Creation of New Educational Ideas[edit]

Expanding the Use of Existing Ideas in Education[edit]

Other Educational Ideas and Organizations[edit]

WikiMedia Reference Pages[edit]

The following are pages that I utilize on a regular basis

My Educational & WikiMedia Philosophy[edit]

My goal in life is to make meaningful contributions to this planet by sharing what I have learned with others. I have chosen Wikiversity as one of the primary places to be able to share for the following reasons:

  1. I want these ideas to be available to everyone, regardless of economic resources. WikiMedia projects allow this by using the GPL, and not charging for their site.
  2. I want these ideas to spread as far as possible. WikiMedia projects, especially Wikipedia, have attracted a large number of readers and contributors.
  3. I believe the best ideas are those that have been collaborated on. By the very nature of being a Wiki, the WikiMedia projects embody this concept.
  4. I want to be able to communicate these ideas in a standard format with a single "language" so I can focus more on the content and less on the creation. WikiMedia's wiki has become the de facto standard on the Internet.

My philosophy at this point is, whenever possible and appropriate, to do my creation of content on Wikiversity or related Wikimedia project. On many of these projects, I will not necessarily seek out collaboration, but I am very open to collaborating with whoever wants to join and help. Some projects may be created out of personal need, such as writing a paper for an in-person class I am teaching or I am taking, others will be created here purely as Wiki projects.


Academic Career[edit]

Del Oro High School[edit]

Loomis, CA - 1990-1994

  • Graduated with about a 3.5 GPA
  • SAT Verbal: 550 (85th national percentile)
  • SAT Math: 660 (91st national percentile)
  • Earned High Honors in my Economics Golden State Examination (I believe this was in the 99th percentile)
  • Received the Tandy Technology Scholars Outstanding Student Award for Del Oro
  • Received the Bank of America Achievement Award in the field of Computer Studies

Sierra College[edit]

Rocklin, CA - 1993-1997 (Plus extra classes)

  • Earned my AA in Computer Science - Management Information Systems
  • My current GPA is 3.369
  • Earned 4th Place within Sierra College in the 1995-1996 National Mathematics Competition

California State Fair[edit]

(Non-Accredited and Non-Academic Institution)
Sacramento, CA - 1996

  • College of Agricultural Knowledge - PhD (Honorary)
  • I won this while participating in a "quiz show", so it doesn't really mean anything :-)

California State University Sacramento[edit]

Sacramento, CA - 2001-2007

  • Originally in the Bachelors of Vocational Education Program
  • 4.0 GPA
  • Transfered to Charter Oak State College

Charter Oak State College[edit]

Distance Learning (Connecticut) - Fall 2007

  • I plan on transferring to finish my B.S. degree with a focus on Technology Education

California State University Sacramento[edit]

Distance Learning (Sacramento, CA) - 2009-2010 (Planned)


A Dream?

University of Non-Institutional Education[edit]

(Self Accredited)

  • Working towards my Bachelors of Management Science degree in Business Systems, CIS Emphasis
  • This degree is part of the Schools Of Non-Institutional Education concept

Credentials and Certifications[edit]

Designated Subjects Vocational Education Teaching Credential: Full Time[edit]

Designated Subjects Adult Education Teaching Credential: Full Time[edit]

WGNA Certified Network Engineer[edit]

A+ Certified Professional[edit]

  • Issued by CompTIA
  • Career ID No.: COMP001001190741
  • Issued on 9/27/2004

Employment History[edit]

Coming Soon