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2008 US Presidential elections[edit]

Hello, JWS, and thanks for your interest in the 2008 US presidential elections.

This survey currently contains questions about the primary campaigns.

Other questions will be added to this survey as they become available (you can request or announce new additions here).

Accepted responses to the current questions are as follows:

  • Are you eligible to vote in this election? -- Please note that we are interested in the opinions of Wikimedians who are not eligible!
    • Answer yes or no (y/n).
  • How closely have you been following the campaigns? -- a general question
    • 3 = closely ; 2 = somewhat ; 1 = not at all
  • Are you a Democrat, Republican, or other? -- Questions about minor party affiliations can be added later.
    • D = Democrat ; ID = Independent leaning Democrat ; IO = independent/other ; IR = independent leaning Republican ; R = Republican
  • Of the Democratic Party/Republican Party candidates, which do you like the best/think will be nominated?
    • Use the last name on the candidates, in ALL CAPS. "#switch:" functions will be added to the template over the next day or so, see the template page for details.
  • Has your rating of the Democratic/Republican Party candidates changed since the first time you took this survey? -- opinions sometimes change
    • Answer yes or no (y/n)
  • How well does the Wikipedia article on the Iowa caucus/US Electoral College explain that process? -- tell us how well Wikipedia is doing! More questions of this type will be added for relevant articles and other Wikimedia resources as time goes on.
    • 4 = very informative ; 3 = somewhat informative ; 2 = not informative ; 1 = misleading
  • Did the results of the Iowa caucus or the New Hampshire primary affect your potential vote? -- The "pundits" have been very excited about this topic.
    • answer yes or no (y/n)