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I am interested in Nordic countries, especially Iceland and Norway. Indeed I also have a lot of other interests.

My interest in Icelandic stems from the fact that I was born in Brittany in the west part of France. A place where at that time old and poor people still were talking Breton. Breton is a Brythonic language which was spoken in a very accentuated way at that time. It still somewhere in a remote part of my mind and I like to hear Norwegian or Icelandic and to a lesser extend English because it's also accentuated even if in a different way. To me its sounds like bird languages, it's an incredible feeling. Plus Icelandic made me recall that my grand father used to call me "kaï" meaning "mon coeur" in Breton and in Icelandic "Kaer" has the same meaning and a similar pronunciation, strange isn't?


PS: I am also the same JPLeRouzic on and

I started a page on Today's Icelandic just to try to learn it my own way.