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My name is Ian Kluft.

My personal web site is at

I earned my Master of Science degree in Computer Science from California State University, Chico in 1991.

I'm an Open Source Software advocate and developer. One of my interests is the Perl Language. My CPAN ID is ikluft just like on Wikiversity. I found the Perl topic on Wikiversity in need of some help. So far I've expanded a wish list of documentation links into the real links on the page. And I added a new lesson on Perl Modules on CPAN, accompanied by a new Perl module called Wikiversity::Hello which I uploaded to CPAN. The lesson exercise involves installing that module.

After nearly 2 decades as a private pilot, in 2007 and 2008 I've pursued training to upgrade my airman certificates. My current certificates and ratings are commercial pilot (single and multi-engine airplane, instrument airplane), ground instructor (advanced) and flight instructor (single-engine airplane).

Some of my other interests include Amateur Radio (callsign KO6YQ) and rocketry.

I commonly go camping at the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. I maintain a web site about Black Rock. I have posted a separate page with evidence toward the possible discovery of an impact crater at Black Rock - there's enough evidence to make me confident enough to post it. But the research needs help from experts in the field in order to properly prove it.

See also my page on Wikipedia: w:User:Ikluft