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The Intel 8086 microprocessor chip. This chip helped give rise to the popular x86 architecture, one of the most successful and widely used microprocessor series to this very day.
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"Premature optimization is the root of all evil." -Donald Knuth


Hiya, I like to work in the fields of computer science and computer engineering, though I don't hold any formal tertiary education or certification. I mostly work with Python and x86 Assembly (Seems polarized, doesn't it?). On my spare time, I like to develop a new Pythonic programming language and I also like to work on my hobby operating system. I should also mention that I speak American English.


Due to short amount of time in a day (only 24 hours!) and the craziness of life, I may edit on and off from time to time. I'll usually edit during the weekdays and I tend to work on high priority projects, although I may help work on others. I also like to edit Wikiversity a lot more than Wikipedia, because Wikiversity isn't Wikipedia!

I mainly work in the field of computer sciences and all things related to the computer, although I may work outside of this from time to time.


I'll gladly answer questions involving:

I can also answer general questions involving the projects that I work.

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