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Hello everyone. Generally you'll find me on b:de:Benutzer:HirnSpuk. But I'm thinking about launching a project here. For the according discussion see: Discussion in the Colloquium and Discussion on Wikibooks. Regards --HirnSpuk (discusscontribs) 12:26, 13 January 2017 (UTC)

Project Sketch – Collaborative World Building[edit]

This section is for sketching the project idea and to add some substance, so a better discussion basis is available. Thanks to Justin (koavf), Atcovi, Panic and Dave Braunschweig for being interested in the idea and initial hints, encouragement and ideas. There is at the moment no definitive time-schedule for launch. The first problem to be solved is, to check for further licensing as proposed by Dave Braunschweig in the Discussion in the Colloquium. If this project-sketch exceeds a certain extent I'll seperate it to a subpage of my userpage. Feel free to discuss on my user talk page.

Brainstorming for structuring[edit]

  • Research
    for articles and texts of scientific research topic
  • Processes
    for Description of personal creative processes and their basis
  • World(s?)
    for direct World descriptions that shall be used for creative works
    • List of creative works based upon the material
  • Ressources
    for any content, that is suitable as a ressource. E.g. creative writing course or book, language. If the material herein exceed a certain extent it could be seperated as their own course on wikiversity or a book on wikibooks.

Brainstorming for Research topics[edit]

Scientific Literature Review and Research regarding:

Terms of Use – Build upon the content[edit]

Initial ressources:

Adding a page to the project, title "licensing": If you want to reuse the content presented in this project to build creative works it is sufficient to state "This work is built upon the World created by the creative Community of Wikimedia, all contributors are available at "" including subpages."

Brainstorming on Naming[edit]