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Hi,my name is Elena,I am from Bulgaria and I study at the University of Sofia.Me and some fellow-studenst of mine chose a very interesting Topic to work on and we will do our best to make a wonderful presentation of it!Good luck!:)))                            

Global world. Is it the reality we live in, the reality we need for living or just an imagination we create to make life “easier” but useful complicated at the same time…Talking about this global world we imagine ourselves so powerful that we probably just for seconds miss the idea of our living, and we somehow forget that the most important thing is the unique life that everyone of us have for ourselves the most precious one than everything else. It is so tempting to gather human ideas and lifestyle in general. Having it all under control, we often lose us in a dream of a powerful, and successful development of a global home for everyone. Building this special home our hungry for development and modernity souls create nothing but illusions very thin ones, and easy to vanish into space. In a world of a global emotions, thinking, breathing is definitely hard for a man to save himself as one very, very small but so important and unique part of this planet and something more it is definitely hard to walk to the roads which have been just given without any opportunity for choosing roads by himself. Living in a world of changes, it is supposed to discover changes in ourselves as well and these changes makes it turning as a matter of course. If we just for a moment try to imagine, that the world changes in only one direction one instruction only one way of thinking and acting we would probably be afraid of this predictable future we face. It would be a disaster to lose our personality, and to erase everything which make us the way we are now...different, looking for competitions, prooving what we have and what we work on to achieve this. Loosing the identity what we have, and what makes us special no mater where we were born live feel special or keep on going is actually a play of a losing game because we lose the only thing that makes us unique. The world is changing and people changing as well. It is completely useless to change the world in its development no matter in a technical, emotional, structure way. But we could try to save not only the identity we have and the constant values of our lives, but us as humans who can follow the world changes. Thinking about it and taking own decisions and definitely not betraying our own principles and ideas for living traditions, is a way for creating a vision of a nation or just a man. Some of us do not care about it. They just follow the process. But some of us do care and it is our lifestyle a style to keep our identity in the globalising world.

Jana Eichlerová-Slowekei-23 Jahre alt

Ich muss sagen, dass ich Leute aus Bulgarien erst im Sommerkurs begegnet habe. Und sie waren sehr unterschiedlich. Wenn ich meine Meinung ueber den Bulgaren verallgemeinerm musste, wurde ich sagen, dass sie sehr freundlich, nett, klug und abenteuerlich sind. Sie haben auch gern Spass, und unterhalten sich oft. Aber Generalisierung ist nicht die beste Art, einen Nation zu beschreiben. Ich habe nur ein paar junge Leute aus Bulgarien getroffen, jeder war eine ganz eigenartige Personalitaet wie auch bei anderen Nationen. Mir scheint es, dass Bulgaren nicht so unteschiedlich von Slowaken sind, vielleicht mehr offen und gesellschaftlich, aber wenn es um Mentalität geht, Bulgaren sind mir näher als z.B. Spanier. Wie Nachbarn :)

I must say that I first met Bulgarians during the summerkurs in Germany this year,and they all were so different personalities.Sharing my impressions in general,I could say that they are friendly,clever,kind and adventures as well.But describing the national features of a nation is not the best way to come to a genaral conclusion.I met only few people from Bulgaria,and evreyone has very different personality from the others,just like the other nations.I think that bulgarians are not so different from the slovak,may be a little bit more open-minded and sociable.But if we talk about a mentality,I could understand Bulgarians better than spaniard, for neighbours!:)

Eleonora Di Salvo,Italy-25 years

in my opinion, bulgarians are friendly, they're too worried about their country's situation, in terms of poverty i mean...they like dancing,their own songs and open-minded!!!

ulduz jafarkhanpor-The Niderlands

Ich habe dass eindrück bekomme dass Bulgarischen Leute (studenten)einander sehr mogen. Sie sind öffen, und nicht kompliziert. deshalb war für mich sehr einfach gute kontakten zu legen.

I have the impression that Bulgarians(especially the students who study abroad)support eachother.They are open-minded and easy-going persons.That's why I have no Problems to communicate with them.

Erlend Dalen-Norway,27 years old.

what strikes me the most is how you look at your own country,I mean, you are proud of who you are but not very satisfied.But Bulgarians are...sweet and with a bit of temper.The women are very adventurous:P

This is a sample of the inquiry we will make to yuong people in Bulgaria. The results will be part of the final valuation of the project.

INQUIRY Name Sex М F Age Occupation  How do you understend the meaning of the word “Identity”?

 Would you like to work/study abroad?  Are you an adherent of the ideas of a “Global World”?

 Witch of the following features are more popular of the bulgarian identity? (You can choose more than one.) 1. hard working; 2. lazy; 3. thievish; 4. complaining; 5. seeking benefiths; 6. joy; 7. contemporary; 8. old fashoned; 9. depressed; 10. hospitable; 11. stingy; 12. envious; 13. amusing; 14. prejudiced; 15. helpful; 16. ambitious.  Do you think that after bulgarians becomes a member of the EU, bounderies as we know them will disappear?

 Will life improve after January 2007? In which field the most? 1. education; 2. politics; 3. public health services; 4. more work; 5. better payment; 6. more perspectives for development abroad; 7. others  What kind of things are you proud of in bulgarian history or things we have achieved through the years?

 What are the essential problems of the bulgarian young people? 1. financial; 2. lack of ambitions; 3. lack of perspectives; 4. gap between generations; 5. family problems; 6. drugs; 7. work competition; 8. others  Have you ever participated in projects giving ideas of better perspectives for young people in Bulgaria?

 What are your plans about the future?