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Hans van Leunen is a retired physicist.

Hans is born in Helmond in the Netherlands at june 10 1941.

Hans took the Eindhoven HTS in chemistry from 1957-1960.

After his military service in 1060-1963, Hans started at the THE which is now called Technical University Eindoven (TUE) for a study in applied physics.

Hans finished this study in 1970 and then joined Philips Elcoma EOD in the development of image intensifier tubes. Later this became a department of Philips Medical Systems division.

In 1987 Hans switched to an internal software house. In 1995 Hans joined the Semiconductor division of Philips. In this period Hans designed a system for modular software generation.

In 2001 Hans retired.

From 1983 until 2006 Hans owned a software company "Technische en Wetenschappelijke Programmatuur" (TWP).

A private website treats my current activities. [1]

I store my papers at an e-print archive.[2]

To investigate the foundations and the lower levels of physical reality Hans started in 2009 a personal research project that in 2011 got its current name,"The Hilbert Book Model Project".[3]

The Hilbert Book Model is a purely mathematical unorthodox and controversial model of the foundations and the lower levels of the structure of physical reality.

The Hilbert Book Model Project is discussed at [4]

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