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I am an oral health student at La Trobe University. I will be editing Wikipedia articles relating to oral health

This is my Wikipedia page: Hankusb11

This is my Wikiversity assignment page: Evidence Based Oral Health Practice


Current editing projects: Dental sealant

Edit summary:

Just completed the citation needed activity at 2:24

Indicated need for more information in regards to indications for dental sealants at 2:37

Stated an Introduction section is needed at 5:01

Added an Introduction section to Dental Sealants page at 9:37

Made edits and added a reference to the Introduction section of the Dental Sealants page at 03:10

Asked permission to add more to the Introduction section of the Dental Sealants page at 09:25

Included an Introduction heading to the Dental Sealants page at 08:22

Added another two sentences to the Dental Sealants page at 11:18

Included a reference for the additional sentences at 11:31

Added in another sentence and removed Introduction heading at 05:59

Included a citation and more information into the introduction section at 06:46

Made adjustments to Dental sealants page and included page links in paragraph at 07:01

Included disease process into introduction section at 10:29

Made adjustments and additions to Introduction section at 11:27, 11:29, 11:36, 11:42 and 11:48

Edited the Intro section at 04:31

Added information and reference in regards to minimal intervention dentistry at 04:57

Completed references and internal links for the Introduction section at 05:09, 05:17, 05:20, 05:23 and 05:36

Minor edits to Introduction section at 07:01 and 07:23


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