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#Tools at bottom

Phy 1110 Fall 2015 Journal

Wed 9/9[edit]

Mon 9/21[edit]

How things work college course/Conceptual physics wikiquizzes/Velocity and acceleration

Wed 9/23[edit]

Using mirrors we had an effective length from slits to screen o 16.27 meters.

Slits width 2mm (they were holes)

Bright fringes on screen

1-3 if 15mm
2-4 was 16
1-5 was 25 mm

Wed 9/30[edit]

  • Watched Newton's Dark Secrets

Outline of lab project goals[edit]

  • Keep a Journal Your grade depends on this (we will discuss journaling during the lab)
  • Use sheets of computer paper to maintain your journal so that it can be photocopied.
  • You may supplement your journal with entries on Wikiversity. But your final product has to be printed.
Newton's Dark Secrets
  • Create MC questions: We will use the transcripts and show portions at a time.
UCM lab (uniform circular motion)
  • You design, either by playing with the gadget, or doing internet research.
  • A portion of your investigation must be "hands-on"
  • If you do research on the internet, submit an annotated list of websites to be posted on Wikiversity.
Theory of a = mv2/r

Tools at bottom[edit]