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5 tests 500 points 5/6 ≈ 83%
Labs 100 points 1/6 ≈ 17% 600 points   100%

The grade is based on a 600 point scale, with five tests worth 500 points, and a term project worth 100 points. Each test is worth 100 points, with the understanding that you final exam score can be substituted for your lowest of the four midterm scores. You can't drop the final exam. But, you can have your final exam count for 200 points by replacing your lowest midterm test score if that helps your grade. Your project and each undropped test is worth 1/6 ≈ 17% of your grade. If your lowest grade is one of the four midterm tests, that score is dropped and the final exam is worth 2/6 ≈ 33% of your grade.

test Case 1  include Case 2 include
T1 80 80            80 80
T2 80 80 80 80
T3 80 80 80 80
T4 40 - 70 70
FE 70 70 40 40
' ' 70 -
Ave. 76% 70%
Sum 380 350

The table to the right illustrates how these rules allow either the lowest midterm test, or half the final exam to be dropped, if the final exam is given twice the weight of a midterm.

In both cases, three test scores were 80%, while one was 70% and another was 49%. In case 1, the lowest score is completely dropped, and the final exam score counts twice. In case 2, the lowest score was the final exam, weighted equally with the four midterm tests because it was the lowest score.

Labs and attendance[edit]

A one credit lab (PHY,,,L) is a co-requisite to this course. A lab report is due electronically via Pilot on Friday at 11:00 pm on the week of each of the four tests. You are encouraged to write your report on either using wikitext, or by photographing a report or drawing and submitting a pdf printout. Any extra-credit must be submitted in this way in a way that permits Collective Commons licensing. A private wiki will be assigned to you on the wikifarm at

Attendance is required for all scheduled meeting times. But you are allowed to miss five class hours (not days not classes) without penalty. Once you have exceeded this limit, your lab grade will be reduced by 5 points (out of 100) for each lab missed. If the course has a recitation section, you may make up attendance points by attending those sections. There is a small extra credit award of 0.5 points per class hour for missing fewer than five class hours.

Materials will also be posted on