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Quizbank name Test # # on test # to study link 1st question
a02_1Dkinem_definitions T1 2 4 [xx] A car traveling at 75.4 miles/hour stops in 1.9 seconds. What is the average acceleration?
a02_1Dkinem_equations T1 2 4 [xx] A car is accelerating uniformly at an acceleration of 3.3m/s/s. At x = 5.75m, the speed is 4.95m/s. How fast is it moving at x = 13.75 m?
b_motionSimpleArithmetic T1 3 12 [xx] Mr. Smith starts from rest and accelerates to 4 m/s in 3 seconds. How far did he travel?
a03_2Dkinem_2dmotion T1 2 4 [xx] A ball is kicked horizontally from a height of 2.5 m, at a speed of 8.7m/s. How far does it travel before landing?
a03_2Dkinem_smithtrain T1 2 4 [xx] The Smith family is having fun on a high speed train travelling at 48.4 m/s. Mr. Smith is at the back of the train and fires a pellet gun with a muzzle speed of 20.7 m/s at Mrs. Smith who is at the front of the train. What is the speed of the bullet with respect to Earth?
b_velocityAcceleration T1 4 19 [xx] When a table cloth is quickly pulled out from under dishes, they hardly move. This is because
a04DynForce Newton_sled T2 2 4 [xx] A sled of mass 5.1 kg is at rest on a rough surface. A string pulls with a tension of 48N at an angle of 48 degress above the horizontal. What is the magnitude of the friction?
a04DynForce Newton_tensions T2 3 5 [xx]
In the figure shown, θ1 is 16 degrees, and θ3 is 30 degrees. The tension T3 is 45 N. What is the tension, T1?
a04DynForce Newton_forces T2 2 4 [xx] A mass with weight (mg) of 48 newtons is suspended symmetrically from two strings. The angle between the two strings (i.e. where they are attached to the mass) is 46 degrees. What is the tension in the string?
a05frictDragElast_3rdLaw T2 3 5 [xx]
Forces 2 carts connected by string.jpg
In the figure shown, the mass of m1 is 5.4 kg, and the mass of m2 is 3.9 kg. If the external force, Fext on m2 is 136 N, what is the tension in the connecting string? Assume no friction is present.
a06uniformCircMotGravitation_friction T2 3 5 [xx] A merry-go-round has an angular frequency, \omega, equal to 0.174 rad/sec. How many minutes does it take to complete 12.5 revolutions?
a06uniformCircMotGravitation_proof T2 2 14 [xx]
UniCircMot gv52.png
Is dv/d\ell=v/r valid for uniform circular motion?

a07energy_cart1 T3 2 3 [xx] If the initial velocity after leaving the spring is 5.30 m/s, how high does it reach before coming to rest?
Roller coaster energy conservation.jpg
a07energy_cart2 T3 2 3 [xx] The spring constant is 720N/m, and the initial compression is 0.19m. What is the mass if the cart reaches a height of 1.95m, before coming to rest?
Roller coaster energy conservation.jpg
c07energy_lineIntegral T3 2 4 [xx] Integrate the line integral of, \vec F = 7.9xy\hat x + 9.7y^3\hat y , along the y axis from y = 3 to y = 18
a08linearMomentumCollisions T3 2 3 [xx] On object of mass 2 kg that is moving at a velocity of 25m/s collides with a stationary object of mass 25 kg. What is the final velocity if they stick? (Assume no external friction.)
a09staticsTorques_torque T3 3 5 [xx]
Hinge on wall statics.jpg
A massless bar of length, S = 8.7m is attached to a wall by a frictionless hinge (shown as a circle). The bar his held horizontal by a string that makes and angle θ = 30.9 degrees above the horizontal. An object of mass, M = 9.2kg is suspended at a length, L = 5.3m from the wall. What is the tension, T, in the string?
a10rotationalMotionAngMom_dynamics T3 2 4 [xx] A car with a tire radius of 0.21 m accelerates from 0 to 26 m/s in 11.1 seconds. What is the angular acceleration of the wheel?
a11fluidStatics_buoyantForce T3 2 4 [xx] A cylinder with a radius of 0.38 m and a length of 3.6 m is held so that the top circular face is 4.2 m below the water. The mass of the block is 829.0 kg. The mass density of water is 1000kg/m^3. What is the pressure at the top face of the cylinder?
a12fluidDynamics_pipeDiameter T4 2 4 [xx] A 6.4 cm diameter pipe can fill a 1.8 m^3 volume in 8.0 minutes. Before exiting the pipe, the diameter is reduced to 3.7 cm (with no loss of flow rate). What is the speed in the first (wider) pipe?
a13TemperatureKineticTheoGasLaw_rmsTransfer T4 2 3 [xx] What is the root-mean-square of 44, 4, and 36?
a14HeatTransfer_specifHeatConduct T4 2 4 [xx] The specific heat of water and aluminum are 4186 and 900, respectively, where the units are J/kg/Celsius. An aluminum container of mass 0.71 kg is filled with 0.19 kg of water. How much heat does it take to raise both from 53.5 C to 86.9 C?
a15Thermodynamics_heatEngine T4 2 4 [xx]
Thermodynamic cycles for quizzes.svg
A 1241 heat cycle uses 1.9 moles of an ideal gas. The pressures and volumes are: P1= 1.2 kPa, P2= 2.9 kPa. The volumes are V1= 2.6m3 and V4= 4.7m3. How much work is done in in one cycle?
b_waves_PC T4 2 16 [xx] Pulse interference 1.svgThese two pulses will collide and produce
a16OscillationsWaves_amplitudes T4 2 4 [xx] A 0.177 kg mass is on a spring that causes the frequency of oscillation to be 71 cycles per second. The maximum velocity is 60.9 m/s. What is the maximum force on the mass?
c16OscillationsWaves_calculus T4 3 6 [xx] If a particle's position is given by x(t) = 7sin(3t-π/6), what is the velocity?