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Please list bugs and errors here. These pdf files will probably be "rebuilt" every couple of years, so most errors will remain on the pdf file for quite a while.

Errors in Astronomy quizzes[edit]

  1. Questions too difficult. Some of the questions are quite difficult. I later realized that difficult questions should be reserved for the "closed" assessment banks, i.e., for banks that students should never see. The first effort to use this quizbank as an open source resource unveiled strong anecdotal evidence that students merely memorized the difficult questions. In the future, the open source Quizbank questions should focus on the fundamental concepts. [1]
  2. Spelling.Some of the Astronomy quizzes attribute using the work "license" misspelled. This has been corrected.
  3. bracket ""{"" .Sometimes an extra bracket ""{"" appears when linebreaks are used to create spaces for images. While the nature of this bug is not understood, there is a way to write the wikitext so that this does not happen: Place the <br> after the image, but before the question.
  4. Non-ascii symbols not rendered. One or two questions might contain a question mark "?" where the intent was to use a Greek letter such as α.
  5. First studyguide[2]:
    1. SN1066 was actually SN1006
    2. Stars "were supposed" to be named after Roman gods. Says who? Not a good answer.
    3. Change Median to Medicean
    4. Brache and his system to resolve physical problems ... or benefits?
  6. bad question: 25. Studies in the infrared are useful for objects that are (cold?) : First IR does require some temperature, "warm" would be better. Also, "In the solar system" is also a good answer.
  7. bad question: In question 5 of this quiz we have: If the universe is mostly hydrogen, why aren't terrestrial planets made of mostly hydrogen? The answer is ridiculous: thermonuclear fusion in the protosun turned the hydrogen into helium. This was probably a question where the statement that was NOT a possible explanation was to be chosen.
  8. Planetary Science quiz. According to Wikipedia, a "mineral" is a naturally occurring solid that is described by a chemical formula (missing word in answer)
  9. Chasing Pluto: New Horizons was missing an "s". Fixed in mirror but not on pdf or in the Matlab bank.

Errors in Physics quizzes[edit]

  1. Physics equations/27-Wave Optics/Q:interference needs to be reformatted and entered into Quizbank. Is it a calculus based or trig based quiz?
  2. Physics equations/22-Magnetism/Q:AmpereLawTorusCylinder is not in Quizbank. It needs to be enhanced or absorbed into another quiz (only one question)
  3. Was the chapter 24 quiz on capacitors and the displacement current included in trigphysII? Was it supposed to be?

Footnotes and references[edit]

  1. In a conceptual course such as Astronomy, basic facts and definitions should be tested. In introductory physics courses, the questions should establish that the students can do the basic algebra, and learn the meaning of symbols (e.g. v0 denotes initial velocity). An open source bank of fundametal questions will free the instructor from teaching lower-level skills, and force students to learn these fundamentals early in the course, before the topic is introduced in class. Also, good teachers spend much of their time with the struggling student, sometimes wondering if the student even wants to learn. A collection of "easy" questions with answers already provided will allow the struggling student to establish that he or she is actually motivated.
  2. SUBMITTED by John Quincy Adams BEFORE T1 ON 7/2/15