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The author will probably delete this page and instead place attribution info at the bottom of each quiz where the quiz-printing software will render it on the pdf file's answer sheet.

  • This page is rather w:hodge-podge, and it is hoped that a data-base expert will someday design a better attribution method, but everything under licensed that are CC-by-*

be attributed. This page (and sub-pages) represent an attempt to satisfy that law using the invisible ID that appears at the beginning of every question. This page will connect each questions (hidden) ID to a permalink of a wikimedia page where the quiz can be found. The software that prints the tests needs to also print the quiz ID numbers used, and also mention a means by which these ID numbers may be linked to authors.

This page will also be used to prevent different questions from having different IDs. And, it can be copy/pasted into a spreadsheet used by a person who renders quizzes into printable exams.


this bank will probably be deleted
yy/mm/dd Quiz ID permalink
00/00/00 Example Copy/paste this into a spreadsheet and uploade multiple quizzes using
15/05/08.1 a07energy cart1
15/05/08.2 a07energy cart2
15/05/08.3 a07energy lineIntegral