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How can instructors use these testbanks?[edit]

Good question. We are working on it, and perhaps you might be willing to help (see the next section...).

One thing is clear: Wikiversity only posts open source teaching materials, which implies the testbank is open source and therefore fully available to the students. This will force us to adapt:

  1. A sufficiently large testbank will render memorizing a less productive strategy, especially if the instructor makes an effort to engage the students. This strategy tends to work for exams with multiple choice questions involving calculations an numerical results, this strategy is likely to be effective. To a limited extent, such a strategy can be used on conceptual questions by ensuring that a variety of questions are available for each concept.
  2. If a test involves conceptual multiple choice questions, a few such questions on each test and ask students to write short essays instead of answering the multiple choice exam. The grade penalty for knowing the answer to a question but failing show any understanding could be enhanced by giving extra weight to the short-answer portion of the test.
  3. Construction of a large testbank can be facilitated by assigning students to provide questions as a course requirement. # A large testbank on any wiki will inevitably contain a large number low quality test questions, such as those notorious "true/false" questions where both answers are plausible. One strategy is to direct students' attention to these low quality questions as the material is being presented. Explain the answer why one answer has been deemed "correct" and remind students that they may be required to write a short essay on it. Instead of attempting to "clean" the testbank of low quality questions, a better strategy is for individuals to maintain "personal" testbanks either offline, or stored as permalinks on the wiki.
  4. For the numerical problems that form the basis of physical science courses, there is an advantage to this complete merging of homework and exam preparation. Instead of rushing through homework, and then setting aside time to study for an exam, students can prepare for the exam by practicing the wikiquizzes. The conflict in the students' mind over which activity should take priority creates stress.
  5. While it may seem odd to give students the solutions to all problems from the start, this use of Wikiversity-based quizzes does not preclude the traditional approach to assigning problems because classroom time can be devoted to such activities. In fact, the traditional style of assigning homework for students to do on their own (or with study partners) is becoming more difficult to accomplish, since the internet becoming progressively more adroit at showing students how to solve homework problems.