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Consider two pages which I shall call Source and Destination.

  1. Delete Destination (you will undelete later).
  2. Move Source to Destination using using "More>Move" in the edit bar at the top of the screen.[1]
  3. Undelete Destination using "Tools/Logs" on the right sidebar.
  4. Refresh/clear cache (can't you just use a different browser?)

Here is an explanation provided by user:Abd:[2][edit]

  • Goal: Merge A and B.
  1. Delete B.
  2. Move A to B.
  3. View history of B and click on "View or restore ... deleted edits?"
  4. Restore all edits.
  • Done.
@Abd: I put your explanation just below mine, and linked to the Wikipedia page on the subject. This current page links out of my Editorial tricks page, so I am certain I will find it next time I merge. I also learned how to create the shortcuts on my browser in such a way that I can keep track of everything. Thanks for your help
Looking over your algorithm, I noticed that you looked at the history of B in order to restore, while I went into Tools/Logs. I will check that out next time. Although this documentation is not polished, I think its enough for now, considering that its on a user page.
One more thing: When I first studied this I think I did the manual merge on my practice page. Then I discovered Special:MergeHistory, but did not realize that it only worked when all the edits of one page come later than all the edits in the other. This misunderstanding explains why I spent so much time trying to use Special:MergeHistory. Nothing is more destructive than the false belief that in the past you successfully used a tool that cannot do the job. --Guy vandegrift (discusscontribs) 02:36, 27 August 2015 (UTC)

A different point of view from Wikipedia[edit]

If I am correctly reading w:Wikipedia:Merging#Full-content_paste_merger, best practice might not involve merging histories. Instead, one can keep both pages and use a redirect. The namespace associated with one of the versions will remain forever dedicated to documenting the history. Wikipedia would use three templates to document this situation:

Template:R from merge .. Template:Merged-to .. Template:Merged-from .. Template:In use

w:Template:R from merge .. w:Template:Merged-to .. w:Template:Merged-from .. w:Template:In use

Footnotes and references[edit]

  1. Or do I use Special:MergeHistory?