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block in a way that allows the registration of a new account[edit]

  • Learn to block in a way that allows the registration of a new account. A one week block was done in the past for good faith but anonymous editing that was destruptive.
I believe the answer is to uncheck the first box in
 	 Cannot create accounts
 	 No emails
 	 Cannot edit their discussion page
 	 Cannot participate anonymously either
 	 Watch their user and discussion pages

deal with empty pages[edit]

{{we}}   {{softredirect|Wikipedia: name}} See also Template:Undelete


Special:MergeHistory . w:Wikipedia:How to fix cut-and-paste moves . w:Wikipedia:Merging#How_to_merge . *w:Wikipedia:WikiProject History Merge

Special:MergeHistory detects the latest version of the source page which is older than the oldest version of the target page, and won't allow the user to move later revisions. Other info (not organized)

Suppose that the page History of Alabama had too many revisions to be deleted or deleting it may cause other disruption. The following procedure can be used to merge page histories in this situation:

  1. Move History of Alabama to Alabama/History with a move summary like "history merge, will be back at correct title soon". Answer yes when asked to delete the Alabama/History page.
  2. Undelete the revisions of Alabama/History containing the page history.
  3. Move Alabama/History back to History of Alabama.
  4. If needed, undelete the remaining revisions at Alabama/History.

blacklist info[edit]

MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist and Meta:Spam blacklist and MediaWiki:Spam-whitelist

My prod list[edit]

Extended content
[[HIV swing effect]] February 10, 2016