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Active efforts[edit]

I am more and more thinking that I want to semi-retire by collecting my pension and teaching only two or three courses per year to supplement my pension. That will give me time to work on Wikiversity and other OER projects. For personal reasons I need to live in the Chicago area. At this point, this blog will seem more like a journal. And instead of looking for a job, I am looking to see if anybody is doing someghing I should know about.

  1. Just got onto OER OpenStax at
    1. That led me to apply to what seems to be a non-dormant wiki: They say they will reply before Feb 11, but I am not getting my hopes up.
  2. WikiSpaces: I like everything except that it is not in standard wikimedia wikitext.
  3. I learned about CC Journals like WikiJournal, some are good with page charges, others are predatory. One is PLOS and the other is F1000 (not to mention the CC option in EJP). I doubt that this will give the income I need to live in Chicago, though. My best chances lie in education, I think.


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