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Started 190508.
[[User:Guy vandegrift/2019/Journal: QuizSoftware]] is a mirror of QuizSoftware/JOURNAL.txt 

090521: 2 Big problems 
**with "\question*" and "question ".  The latter was introduced in order to fix a bug using somethinglinek "\questionName".  The problem is that "\\question\n" is not "\\question ". The solution is to forbid all instances of "\question*" where * something other than a space or a newline.  I am keeping protected copies of MakeExcelTemplate and makeExam until this is rooted out.
**with \textdegree need to require textcomp  

Procedure for creating BlueLady package for ch4-14:
#Go into student-created folder \QuizSoftware\numerical\19-1studentUpgrades\bluelady not ready - Copy and open \PHY 2400 Chapter xx.
#Place *.py files into  up1-python-## in the same folder and run (after moving /images into it from the previous chapter)
# Place up1-##.tex in\BlueSoftware\bank and move \images into the next up-python-## folder.

Need make a protected version NumDismantle that inputs options to the (1,1) default numbering scheme.  Start by making a default input procedure that defaults unless the answer is 'no' or 'NO'


190508: Write NumDismantle to break apart numerical quizzes. Write NumRemake to undo NumDismantle. Consolidate Energy cart I and II.  No GUI this summer! 

190509: Fixed errors in current bank for physics II. Placed backup bank in Desktop\Quizbank project\19-5 archive. The old is now Also is an improved file with instructions on how to differentiate between the csv and excel versions.  Discovered that excel EXPORT is the best way to create the csv files.

190511: Make_NUM in QuizSoftware/numerical enters input/filename_NUM and collects the individual questions into a single latex file for use in quizbank. and create 20 renditions of a single numerical problem.  It resides in QuizSoftware/numerical

190519:Insert whatis into  
*Fix a23InductionACcircutits_Q1 that cuts off at %.

190520: Have tex and python files from bluelady spring-19 group ready for consolidation into V1-chapters 5-14

190523: Transcribed blue-hair group to Ch10#35.  Need to inform OpenStax that this problem is poorly stated.

*Placed up1-05 through up1-14 series in bank (calphys-mechanics). posted pdf/latex copies at [[QB/f cp1-chap05-14 Mechanics ALL]] and [[QB/f cp1-chap05-14 Mechanics]].

*Fixed error at problem 1 of d cp2.7 (replace C by nC). 

190614: Working with loaner Surface Pro. 
*The XLXS excel files in the template folder now have two worksheets.  The second copiesf
from the first, but allows a syllabus version to be pasted into Wikiversity.  Done for 2410XLXS, and underway for 2400XLXS.  Am currently storing QuizSoftware onto my flash drive and will hand-deliver to the H-drive and google drive from work.

190620:Moved a discontinued effort to Desktop/Quizbank - Archive/makeExam- to 

To do: 

Develop strategy for collaborating with another course to proofread the cp1 mechanics questions.

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