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मेरे हिंदू मित्रों को: यह भगवान गणेश नहीं हैं। यह एक अफ्रीकी हाथी है जिसके टैटू हैं। इरादा हिंदू धर्म और धार्मिक सहिष्णुता का सम्मान करना है।

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Meuble héraldique Elephant.svg, has been modified to promote religious tolerance. The fact that this Ganesha is an African elephant is a fortunate accident caused by the fact that there was no suitable svg file of an Indian elephant on Commons. This change the elephant's "race" helps to promote the need for people of all continents, nations, and religions to honor each other's differences. I chose to emphasize Hinduism in the figure because it is a particularly tolerant religion.

You are invited to think of this image as you pray, meditate, or ponder life in any way you wish.

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Most of the symbols on this elephant were taken from: