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GSI Mortarboard.jpg I am the official contact for GreySmith Institute
GSI Mortarboard.jpg The Current Institute project is Artificial Conscousness
GSI Mortarboard.jpg The Institute is closed for Construction your help is Welcome

GreySmith Institute of Advanced Studies[edit]

Welcome to the Institutes User page. This is the official contact address for the GreySmith Institute of Advanced Studies. Our Portal is at Portal: GreySmith Institute.

The GreySmith Institute is a Collaboration within the general WikiVersity Collaboration. Our relationship to WikiVersity is similar to the relationship a private institute has with a regular University.

The GreySmith Institute takes on specific projects as interest of the majority of the members indicates. Currently the GreySmith Institute is working on the Artificial Consciousness project suggested by its founder Graeme E. Smith It hopes to do the research necessary to develop a Hybrid Consciousness as suggested in How the Mind Might Work an as-yet unpublished book that is part of a series on brain modeling by Graeme E. Smith

The GreySmith Institute is not open for Students at this time, due to Construction of the Main Portal, however You can express your interest in becoming a student at Portal: GreySmith Institute/Student Union

Although we cannot predict completion of the portal, at its completion we will be considering a Call for Content, and later a Call for Papers. People who would like to take advantage of the proposed Online Repository, and Library to publish their own work can contact us at any time, and we will discuss licensing issues, etc. Please contact us if you want to contribute related courseware or to host related courses at WikiVersity.

If you wish to discuss topics related the NeuroScience, Psychology, and NeuroPsychology we have sponsored a public forum that is open to all at Neuropsychology Forum

If you wish to discuss topics related to Computer Science and how we are going to use it to build an artificial consciousness we have sponsored a public forum that is open to all at Computer Science Forum

If you wish to discuss topics related to Artificial Consciousness we have sponsored a public forum that is open to all at Artificial Consciousness Forum

If you wish to discuss related courseware and what the curriculum of our Institute should be, we have sponsored a forum at GreySmith Courseware Forum

If you want to learn more about Artificial Consciousness there is an introductory course at Artificial Consciousness

If you want to learn more about phenomenal Consciousness, we are working on a course on Non-Genetic Darwinism that might help you to understand Dr. Edelman's contribution to Consciousness Research.

Currently there is no courseware about Hybrid Consciousness so your best source of information on that topic is Graeme Smith

One of the services we hope to offer is the mentoring and certification of students who have no formal degrees but who wish to contribute to the Artificial Consciousness research going on at the Institute. We are strong believers in Freelance Academics and Freelance or Amateur Scientists as roles for those who can't or won't get accreditation from a normal university, and are equally supportive where the individual has a degree in a different speciality but can't get access to this courseware at their home University.

Although Wikiversity does not have an accreditation status as would be needed to transfer credit to other institutions, it has much more flexibility as to the nature of the programs it can offer, and who can contribute, and represents a truly international audience for courseware.

WikiVersity members are encouraged to edit courseware and articles found on the wiki, and many students transfer their understanding of topics to the wiki as they learn them. As such, the student should double check the knowledge offered here with other sources, but because Wikiversity is designed as a learning experiment, the quality of the services is expected to constantly improve over time so don't let a few rough edges fool you into thinking it is less valuable.