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Link to DAS 3 team page.

Week0 Activities[edit]

Give instructor top 3 project choice list[edit]

  • Bridges
  • Ice Spikes
  • Perfume

Write problem statement[edit]

Create a starter bridge composed of Balsa Wood.

Assign Task1[edit]

Research stress on different bridge structures, and the various shapes used to create the truss structures.

Week1 Activities[edit]

Compare actual work done to Task1[edit]

Week1 Narrative[edit]

Week1 Peer Review[edit]

Assign Task2[edit]

Week2 Activities[edit]

Compare actual work done to Task2[edit]

Week2 Narrative[edit]

Week2 Peer Review[edit]

Assign Task3[edit]

Week3 Activities[edit]

Compare actual work done to Task3[edit]

Reviewed Truss Structures and Bridge formations

Week3 Narrative[edit]

Using a continuous span base is ideal for a spaghetti or starter bridge, because of it's one piece design. Using triangular truss structures and a pony truss design will maximize strength of bridge and not discount the weight of the bridge. Truss

Assign Task4[edit]

Begin construction of bridge, assisting group with what is already done.

Week4 Activities[edit]

Compare actual work done to Task4[edit]

Research done on spaghetti and construction of spaghetti bridge.

Week4 Narrative[edit]

Spaghetti bridges are quite complex, they put your understanding of tension and civil engineering skills to work. Much easier than balsa wood due to the fact that spaghetti is far more flimsy than balsa wood. Links to spaghetti bridge information is recorded below.

  • Link to competition and tips for the competition.
  • Another link to spaghetti bridge competition.